Food delivery is at an all-time high, and so are the fees restaurant owners and customers are forced to pay. As a result, restaurants lose significant revenue due to the high fees or pass those costs on to customers with high food prices. Enough is enough!

We’re ZenDelivery, and we are here to disrupt an industry that has taken advantage of restaurant owners and customers for far too long!

We offer restaurants a flat fee of $2-$4 (and not a penny more), plus we can also help lower delivery fees on all other third-party delivery platforms down to 8-12%! Yes, we can do that! No long-term contracts, no percentages, no activation fees. Just lower fees that help you and your customers save money!

In addition, we offer all of our restaurants access to a marketing team to help drive sales and the ability to lower their merchant account fees significantly.

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Welcome to ZenDelivery!

Restaurant Delivery

No activation fee

No percentages

No long-term contracts

Third-party administrator
for self-delivery

Restaurant Marketing

ADA Compliant Websites

Email Marketing

Text Marketing

Restaurant App Development

Marketing Materials including Flyers,
Table Tents, Window Signage, and more!

Merchant Processing

Save up to 15% on
your current processing


Cash Discount Program:
Zero Restaurant Fees

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  • No menu upcharges. Why would you pay more for delivery?
  • We pay you when you refer your family, friends, and local restaurants